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Nobivac® DP PLUS is a revolutionary new vaccine that provides protection against canine parvovirus (CPV) and canine distemper during the most vulnerable stage of a puppy’s life.

It is the first vaccine capable of breaking through any level of parvovirus maternally derived antibody (MDA) in puppies as young as four weeks old.

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Existing parvovirus vaccines are capable of overcoming moderate levels of MDA. Despite this, there can still be a window of susceptibility, and the puppy will be at risk during this time.

Nobivac® DP PLUS closes the gap.


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When to use Nobivac® DP PLUS

Nobivac® DP PLUS is intended to be used to provide protection in young pups prior to commencing routine primary vaccination

  • Administer a single dose from 4 weeks of age
  • Onset of immunity: 3 days for parvovirus and 7 days for distemper virus
  • Duration of immunity: up to 8 weeks
  • Commence primary vaccination protocol from 6 weeks of age with suitable Nobivac® vaccines

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Product Information

Guide to infectious disease control
Protocol example

Nobivac® DP PLUS for dogs contains live recombinant canine parvovirus strain 630a (105.1 – 106.7 TCID50) and live attenuated canine distemper virus strain Onderstepoort (105.1 – 106.5 TCID50) and is indicated for active immunisation of dogs from 4 weeks of age onwards to prevent clinical signs and mortality of canine parvovirus infection and canine distemper virus infection and to prevent viral excretion following canine parvovirus infection and following canine distemper virus infection. Moderate to high levels of maternally derived antibodies against canine distemper virus can reduce the efficacy of the product against canine distemper. Maternally derived antibodies against canine parvovirus do not interfere with the efficacy of this product.

Legal category: ROI: POM NI: POM-V

For further information about side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications please consult the Summary of Product Characteristics.